My first video game

All about the first video games in history

When we hear the word “game” we think in children and how they play, and it is true that games are extremely important during childhood, because they need it to grow emotionally balanced, among many other aspects, but adults can play games too, adults use games as a distressing element and to keep brain agile, there are many kind of games, board games, video games, tow truck games, mind-challenging games, etc.


Video games

Video games are extremely popular, there are many types, but all of them share the same feature, they have a display that helps to ease the human-machine interaction, these games are very entertaining and interesting due that feature, the last games released have amazing graphics full of details, they even use real people, like actors to give life to the game’s characters, they show amazing landscapes and sceneries created by computers with very competent teams of graphic designer.


There are many kinds of video games, and many ways to play them, we can use consoles with TV set, tablets, smartphones, portable devices, we can find very expensive games or free, they are at our reach, and there are a type of video games for every taste too, rol games, adventure, arcade, sci-fi, historical, romance, educational, etc.


Firsts video games in history

After the World War II, with the invention of cathode-ray tube amusement device, games came into a new era, there was a display using cathode ray tube which create an image on screen, during the year of 1952 scientists created OXO, a software program which simulated a tic-tac-toe game only available to be played in the University of Cambridge’s Mathematical Lab and Christopher Strachey’s draughts program, these were researches about human-computer interaction.


In 1958 was created the possible first video game just for entertainment, tennis for two, developed by the physicist Willy Higinbotham using an oscilloscope and an analog computer.


In 1962, Steve Russell, a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), creates Spacewar, the first interactive computer game.


In the decade of 1960 numerous games were created by programmers, but in 1967 the engineer Ralph Baer developed the brown box, a prototype of a console, which allowed to play tennis and other games using a television.


In 1971, Bill Pitts and Hugh Tuck developed a coin-operated computer game, Galaxy Game, at Stanford University.


In 1971 Computer Space becomes first video arcade game ever released, created by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney.


In 1972, Magnavox’s Odyssey, the first home video game system, is showcased at a convention in Burlingame, CA, and is released to the public later that year.


In 1972 the world famous Pong was released, it was immensely commercially successful, selling over 8,000 units.


After that, some crucial moments were:


  • 1974 Released Maze Wars, precursor of first-person shooter into labyrinth.
  • 1980 Created Pac-Man for Atari.
  • 1984 Created the extremely addictive Tetris.
  • 1987 Created Legend of Zelda a legendary fantasy role playing game.
  • 1990 Released Solitaire.

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Best Life Simulation Videogames

Top 5 of the best life simulation games in history!

Videogames are one of the best ways to escape from reality and being able to live an incredible adventure. Despite most of videogames take their base in fantastic adventures, parallel universes, anime or movie based story and many other things that might seem unreal, the life simulation genre is gaining even more popularity for its simplicity and realism. Discover this easy way to live another possible life with the best simulation games in history.

Alter Ego

As one of the first life simulation videogames ever, it had to hit the list. Developed by Activision and released in 1986, Alter Ego allows the user to make the decisions that will have effect on a virtual character. The player will start as an infant and many situations will appear to be explored. Depending on the decisions made, statistics such as confidence, physical and intellectual will experience some changes. A classic worth being played

Animal Crossing

It’s another classic but t was born in this century. Animal Crossing was developed by Nintendo and released in 2001. In this game you are a new human neighbor in a forest full of anthropomorphic animals that welcome you and have some tasks to offer you. The main objective is to grow your house as much as you can in order to store the objects you find along the way. Also, you can unlock and play some classic NES games while being on Animal Crossing, a nice crossover that our Nintendo friends made available to enjoy.


Spore is a great way to mix fantasy and life evolution. It was developed by Maxis and released in 2008 available for PC and Mac. The objectives of this game lay on controlling the development of a new species from scratch (microscopic beings) and make them available to be intelligent and social and even go on interstellar exploration. This game is a great and fun way to comprehend evolution and take it to other levels.

Simcity 2000

If you ever wished to be the mayor of a city, plan its layout and manage it, this is the best game for you. Also developed by Maxis and released in 1993, this game allowed the player to choose the layout of roads, where to put buildings such as schools, libraries and hospitals, manage residential, industrial and commercial areas and many other things in order to make your city grow bigger.


The Sims

The list couldn’t be complete with this title. Another gem released by Maxis it set the ground to every life simulation game. It allowed the user to perform daily tasks by controlling one or various characters in a suburban area in the same universe where SimCity takes place. Here you can even build your own house and give it some outstanding details such as a kitchen countertop that may look like it was made by a professional countertop installer.

So don’t miss a chance to play these classics or any of its sequels and live a different life with the best videogames ever.

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Top 5 Soccer Videogames

Top 5 Soccer Videogames

The World Cup to be celebrated in Russia this next summer has all the eyes upon it and us, as hardcore soccer fanatics are hyped and losing our minds counting the days remaining to the kick-off between Russia and Saudi Arabia. But we are videogames fanatics as well, so one of the best methods to ease this fever to watch and play soccer will be playing soccer videogames. So don’t miss the read and get to know the best titles ever made.

Football Manager 2010

We’ve always wanted to be like Guardiola or Lowe and scream to our players when they’re not doing what they should, and this videogame will let us in an incredibly immersive dynamic. Football Manager Franchise is targeted for those fans that love what’s behind the playing itself, like real-time adjustments in tactics, transfer markets, building a strong team from scratch or manage a Titan like Real Madrid or Bayern München. There are around 115 Professional Leagues to choose teams from, so there are plenty of options.

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

If we’re getting ready for the Russia World Cup, then a videogame inspired on a previous edition had to make its way through the list. EA sports did an amazing job recreating the process of going to a World Cup, since you can choose a country that didn’t make its way to the actual 32 and try to reach the tournament or choose other country that actually qualified and strive to win the desired trophy. The images, audio and crowd animation will live you speechless as they were one of the first titles to be so realistic.

Sensible World of Soccer 2

This is an old title but it was the one to change it all. SWOS2 combined the classic one- button control and was the first to start rising from 2-D to a more realistic way of playing that built the foundations to the current titles. This videogame was ahead of its time as it included a manager mode, more than 1500 teams to choose from and even had players with individual characteristics and statistics. Also, there were a great amount of expansions that included amazing events like the World Cup or the Euro.


It is impossible to mention just one of the many titles FIFA has released. It’s one of the most successful franchises in videogame history and has put EA sports in its current position. Later releases include mad skills you can do with your player, manager mode or even career mode where you are a player that starts in minor leagues making your way to the top.

Winning Eleven 8

The whole title was World Soccer Winning Eleven 8 International. Big name, big game, as it revolutionized the control, movement, graphics and many other gameplay aspects, WE8 and its Master League mode (that consisted in building a football club from scratch) will always have a place in the hearts of fans as the best sport videogame ever made.


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Classic Videogames

The Classics: top 4 Videogames

Even when current videogames are filled with immersive stories and play modes, virtual reality, stunning graphics, realistic features and many other improvements, there was a start to all of this. Classic videogames accomplished their goal: being simple and entertaining, that’s the reason we spent incredible amounts of time in front of big box-like TVs pressing just a couple buttons that made us jump and go through incredible worlds far from the real one.

It’s time to relive our nostalgia and clean the dust off our old consoles and cartridges, these are the best classic videogames every gamer has to play at least once in a lifetime.

The name says it all, this about simulating your own city, manage it and feel like a Mayor. This title was revolutionary in many aspects as it was one of the firsts to allow managing the fate of a bunch of citizens without facing real consequences if anything went wrong. Also, this videogame led to the creation of The Sims, one of the most entertaining videogame sagas of all times.

The first release of SimCity is simple, play with the position of residential, commercial and industrial areas in order to be prosperous. Strategy and time to think will be needed here, so try to be relaxed while playing it.

It’s overwhelming to think how a videogame so simple is so exciting and challenging as well. Tetris was one of the first titles that made music so influential on the game. Arranging blocks in a blank space in order to fill lines that eliminated those looks easy, but as more time passed, everything started to go really fast and out of control.

Tetris has a place in the hearts of every gamer that played the classics, so you have to play this gem to feel excited about its simplicity.

Mortal Kombat
You’re already hearing the catchy theme song and Scorpion screaming “Get over here!” This saga that started being available just for arcades has made their way into newer formats and outstanding games.

Like any other classic videogame, it was simple. You just have to punch or kick your way through a lot of arenas and opponents that were getting more difficult to defeat. Also you had the chance to beat a friend in a versus mode and introduce some codes when the guy screamed “Finish him!” to kill their character in a gruesome way.

Super Mario Bros
The king of all classics had to hit the list. It’s easy, you’re a plumber that can only jump at first, and you’re in a quest to rescue the Princess Peach. As you go through this crazy platform world you will find stars, flowers and mushrooms that will provide you some mad skills that will help you kill your enemies and reach the castle where the evil Bowser has our Princess.

You better do like Mario and start jumping and running to get a copy of these awesome titles. A true gamer recognizes the classics.

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Top 4 Videogames you must play in 2018

Videogames are like wine, they get better as time passes by. And as we went through awesome videogames in 2017, 2018 will not be different, just better than the last year. There are promising upcoming titles and incredible ones that have already been released and have won the critics good review. So fasten your seatbelts, we’ve made a great selection of the four games, released or soon to be released, that are a must-play this year:


We start this top talking about Subnatica. This gem developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment is one of the titles which main theme is survival.  The whole plot takes place on a mysterious oceanic planet filled with dangerous beasts ready to take on your character to please their hunger.

If you have played and loved Minecraft, then Subnautica is going to amaze you. The tension and challenge of the continuous search for resources in dark caves, the constant return to your base in order to retain your oxygen level and the immensity of this place will have you busy yet entertained. It is available for PC and has some modes that are less stressful and more creative.


Celeste is a game where a confused character called Madeline needs to find her way through dangerous paths along a challenging mountain. This platform title was developed by Matt Makes Games, the same ones that brought Towerfall to us.

This videogame (even when it has a retro style given by its pixel art and challenging platform dynamic) is one of the most realistic made to this date as Madeline suffers some breakdowns caused by her depression and panic attacks. But not everything is grim in this title; there are some collectible items that will keep you motivated on your tasks. Don’t wait much more and get your copy available in PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Shadow of the Colossus

If a remake was going to hit the list, Shadow of the Colossus was the one to make appearance. After thirteen years of its first release, we are finally able to relive an amazing adventure through this forbidden land to be the match of immense creatures. Let’s thank Sony and Bluepoint Games for this one.

It is charged with all the emotion and power of David vs Goliath like battles just like the first release did. The camera, controls and art are even better than before, so this PS4 experience will leave you speechless.

Monster Hunter World

Capcom did it again! The title says it all; it’s time to gear up and slay some monsters in this marvelous RPG.

This release is friendlier with new gamers yet complex enough for those who are used to it. The new environments and upgraded gears to hunt beasts will be of your liking as well. Run to your closest game store and buy it for PS4 and Xbox One.

2018 already started and is waiting for you to get these amazing titles. Get ready and game on!

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