The Classics: top 4 Videogames

Even when current videogames are filled with immersive stories and play modes, virtual reality, stunning graphics, realistic features and many other improvements, there was a start to all of this. Classic videogames accomplished their goal: being simple and entertaining, that’s the reason we spent incredible amounts of time in front of big box-like TVs pressing just a couple buttons that made us jump and go through incredible worlds far from the real one.

It’s time to relive our nostalgia and clean the dust off our old consoles and cartridges, these are the best classic videogames every gamer has to play at least once in a lifetime.

The name says it all, this about simulating your own city, manage it and feel like a Mayor. This title was revolutionary in many aspects as it was one of the firsts to allow managing the fate of a bunch of citizens without facing real consequences if anything went wrong. Also, this videogame led to the creation of The Sims, one of the most entertaining videogame sagas of all times.

The first release of SimCity is simple, play with the position of residential, commercial and industrial areas in order to be prosperous. Strategy and time to think will be needed here, so try to be relaxed while playing it.

It’s overwhelming to think how a videogame so simple is so exciting and challenging as well. Tetris was one of the first titles that made music so influential on the game. Arranging blocks in a blank space in order to fill lines that eliminated those looks easy, but as more time passed, everything started to go really fast and out of control.

Tetris has a place in the hearts of every gamer that played the classics, so you have to play this gem to feel excited about its simplicity.

Mortal Kombat
You’re already hearing the catchy theme song and Scorpion screaming “Get over here!” This saga that started being available just for arcades has made their way into newer formats and outstanding games.

Like any other classic videogame, it was simple. You just have to punch or kick your way through a lot of arenas and opponents that were getting more difficult to defeat. Also you had the chance to beat a friend in a versus mode and introduce some codes when the guy screamed “Finish him!” to kill their character in a gruesome way.

Super Mario Bros
The king of all classics had to hit the list. It’s easy, you’re a plumber that can only jump at first, and you’re in a quest to rescue the Princess Peach. As you go through this crazy platform world you will find stars, flowers and mushrooms that will provide you some mad skills that will help you kill your enemies and reach the castle where the evil Bowser has our Princess.

You better do like Mario and start jumping and running to get a copy of these awesome titles. A true gamer recognizes the classics.