Top 4 Videogames you must play in 2018

Videogames are like wine, they get better as time passes by. And as we went through awesome videogames in 2017, 2018 will not be different, just better than the last year. There are promising upcoming titles and incredible ones that have already been released and have won the critics good review. So fasten your seatbelts, we’ve made a great selection of the four games, released or soon to be released, that are a must-play this year:


We start this top talking about Subnatica. This gem developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment is one of the titles which main theme is survival.  The whole plot takes place on a mysterious oceanic planet filled with dangerous beasts ready to take on your character to please their hunger.

If you have played and loved Minecraft, then Subnautica is going to amaze you. The tension and challenge of the continuous search for resources in dark caves, the constant return to your base in order to retain your oxygen level and the immensity of this place will have you busy yet entertained. It is available for PC and has some modes that are less stressful and more creative.


Celeste is a game where a confused character called Madeline needs to find her way through dangerous paths along a challenging mountain. This platform title was developed by Matt Makes Games, the same ones that brought Towerfall to us.

This videogame (even when it has a retro style given by its pixel art and challenging platform dynamic) is one of the most realistic made to this date as Madeline suffers some breakdowns caused by her depression and panic attacks. But not everything is grim in this title; there are some collectible items that will keep you motivated on your tasks. Don’t wait much more and get your copy available in PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Shadow of the Colossus

If a remake was going to hit the list, Shadow of the Colossus was the one to make appearance. After thirteen years of its first release, we are finally able to relive an amazing adventure through this forbidden land to be the match of immense creatures. Let’s thank Sony and Bluepoint Games for this one.

It is charged with all the emotion and power of David vs Goliath like battles just like the first release did. The camera, controls and art are even better than before, so this PS4 experience will leave you speechless.

Monster Hunter World

Capcom did it again! The title says it all; it’s time to gear up and slay some monsters in this marvelous RPG.

This release is friendlier with new gamers yet complex enough for those who are used to it. The new environments and upgraded gears to hunt beasts will be of your liking as well. Run to your closest game store and buy it for PS4 and Xbox One.

2018 already started and is waiting for you to get these amazing titles. Get ready and game on!