Top 5 of the best life simulation games in history!

Videogames are one of the best ways to escape from reality and being able to live an incredible adventure. Despite most of videogames take their base in fantastic adventures, parallel universes, anime or movie based story and many other things that might seem unreal, the life simulation genre is gaining even more popularity for its simplicity and realism. Discover this easy way to live another possible life with the best simulation games in history.

Alter Ego

As one of the first life simulation videogames ever, it had to hit the list. Developed by Activision and released in 1986, Alter Ego allows the user to make the decisions that will have effect on a virtual character. The player will start as an infant and many situations will appear to be explored. Depending on the decisions made, statistics such as confidence, physical and intellectual will experience some changes. A classic worth being played

Animal Crossing

It’s another classic but t was born in this century. Animal Crossing was developed by Nintendo and released in 2001. In this game you are a new human neighbor in a forest full of anthropomorphic animals that welcome you and have some tasks to offer you. The main objective is to grow your house as much as you can in order to store the objects you find along the way. Also, you can unlock and play some classic NES games while being on Animal Crossing, a nice crossover that our Nintendo friends made available to enjoy.


Spore is a great way to mix fantasy and life evolution. It was developed by Maxis and released in 2008 available for PC and Mac. The objectives of this game lay on controlling the development of a new species from scratch (microscopic beings) and make them available to be intelligent and social and even go on interstellar exploration. This game is a great and fun way to comprehend evolution and take it to other levels.

Simcity 2000

If you ever wished to be the mayor of a city, plan its layout and manage it, this is the best game for you. Also developed by Maxis and released in 1993, this game allowed the player to choose the layout of roads, where to put buildings such as schools, libraries and hospitals, manage residential, industrial and commercial areas and many other things in order to make your city grow bigger.


The Sims

The list couldn’t be complete with this title. Another gem released by Maxis it set the ground to every life simulation game. It allowed the user to perform daily tasks by controlling one or various characters in a suburban area in the same universe where SimCity takes place. Here you can even build your own house and give it some outstanding details such as a kitchen countertop that may look like it was made by a professional countertop installer.

So don’t miss a chance to play these classics or any of its sequels and live a different life with the best videogames ever.