Top 5 Soccer Videogames

The World Cup to be celebrated in Russia this next summer has all the eyes upon it and us, as hardcore soccer fanatics are hyped and losing our minds counting the days remaining to the kick-off between Russia and Saudi Arabia. But we are videogames fanatics as well, so one of the best methods to ease this fever to watch and play soccer will be playing soccer videogames. So don’t miss the read and get to know the best titles ever made.

Football Manager 2010

We’ve always wanted to be like Guardiola or Lowe and scream to our players when they’re not doing what they should, and this videogame will let us in an incredibly immersive dynamic. Football Manager Franchise is targeted for those fans that love what’s behind the playing itself, like real-time adjustments in tactics, transfer markets, building a strong team from scratch or manage a Titan like Real Madrid or Bayern München. There are around 115 Professional Leagues to choose teams from, so there are plenty of options.

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

If we’re getting ready for the Russia World Cup, then a videogame inspired on a previous edition had to make its way through the list. EA sports did an amazing job recreating the process of going to a World Cup, since you can choose a country that didn’t make its way to the actual 32 and try to reach the tournament or choose other country that actually qualified and strive to win the desired trophy. The images, audio and crowd animation will live you speechless as they were one of the first titles to be so realistic.

Sensible World of Soccer 2

This is an old title but it was the one to change it all. SWOS2 combined the classic one- button control and was the first to start rising from 2-D to a more realistic way of playing that built the foundations to the current titles. This videogame was ahead of its time as it included a manager mode, more than 1500 teams to choose from and even had players with individual characteristics and statistics. Also, there were a great amount of expansions that included amazing events like the World Cup or the Euro.


It is impossible to mention just one of the many titles FIFA has released. It’s one of the most successful franchises in videogame history and has put EA sports in its current position. Later releases include mad skills you can do with your player, manager mode or even career mode where you are a player that starts in minor leagues making your way to the top.

Winning Eleven 8

The whole title was World Soccer Winning Eleven 8 International. Big name, big game, as it revolutionized the control, movement, graphics and many other gameplay aspects, WE8 and its Master League mode (that consisted in building a football club from scratch) will always have a place in the hearts of fans as the best sport videogame ever made.